Hideki Koizumi
Professor, The University of Tokyo Co-Creative Community Planning, Design, and Management
Secretary General
Kenro Suto
Mr.Kenro Suto has been working for Shibuya City at Civil Engineering Department and Urban Development Division since 1977. Being involved with the start-up of this organization, He joins as Secretary General of Future Design Shibuya.
Vice Secretary General/Project Designer
Shinko Osada
Through Professional Sales, Marketing and Communication experience in top tier global organizations such as AT&T and Nokia, joined Red Bull Japan as Communication Director in 2007. 3 years of Brand & Communication leadership, moved to Head of Marketing in 2010 to be responsible overall Marketing strategy and activities in Japan. Through 10.5 years of carrier in Red Bull, contributed the category development of Energy Drink market and Red Bull Brand establishment in Japanese market as well as one of Japan Management leadership members to lead the organization. As of 2018, becomes an independent Marketing consultant and joins as Vice Secretary General and Project Design of Future Design Shibuya.
Project Designer
Jungo Kanayama
Born in 1978. Mr. Jungo Kanayama started his carrier at DENTSU INC. and through business development professional experience in leading companies in Japanese music industry such as Oorong-Sha Co., Ltd. and ap bank. Since then, he established creative atelier TNZQ. Following his belief "The client, social issues.”, he has promoted creative projects that solve social problems by collaborating with various creators, designers, artists and companies. As a representative director of the Shibuya City Tourism Association from 2016, he leads the tourism strategy and business of the Shibuya City and he also produces many projects in this area. In 2017, he become a founding member of the Creative Firm “EVERY DAY IS THE DAY”.
Project Designer
Taichi Goto
Mr. Taichi Goto is an accomplished consultant and project designer in urban and regional development. With extensive track records of founding and managing public private partnership, other areas of his expertise includes city and regional planning, creative economy, area marketing, localizing and regionalizing of business models, urban design, project development and management, and public relations. He started his career with a Japanese general contractor Kajima as an urban designer. After the graduate study on city and regional planning at UC Berkeley, he had worked at Metro, regional government of Portland OR, to help the council unanimously adopt the Regional Framework Plan. Having worked globally as an urban planning consultant based in Tokyo, he moved to Fukuoka in 2003 to further focus on making it a model of a sustainable region in Japan and Asia Pacific. He has helped many public-sector clients develop effective strategies and working mechanisms for better quality of life, sustainable environment and vital economy. He has also guided a variety of private-sector clients develop innovative projects and businesses to meet regional context and growing market.
Project Director
Mika Kaneyuki
Project Coodinator
Satoru Kimura
Project Coodinator
Naomi Ando
Project Director
Yoshiki Iwamoto
1984年東京生まれ。NECレノボジャパングループにて新規事業を複数立ち上げ、2016年に独立。81plus株式会社を設立。独立後はIoTやARなど最先端のデジタル技術を用いた体験デザインを得意とし、家電/化粧品メーカーやホテル・交通など、業界を問わず、様々な新規事業をデザイン。 また、渋谷区観光協会のCXデザイナーとして活動するだけでなく、様々な日本の地域でのプロジェクトも推進。
Project Coodinator
Hiroyo Koike
2018年4月一般財団法人渋谷区観光協会 事務局長に着任。2016年より(社)シェアリングエコノミー協会事務局次長・(株)スペースマーケット 社長室ブランド戦略などに従事。旅行業業界に7年在籍した経験からエリアブランディング(地域活性)・コミュニケーション領域を軸に活動の幅を広げる。渋谷区在住。
Yasuko Saji
Project Coodinator
Seiichi Chida
Project Coodinator
Yoshitaka Miyajima
Project Director
Yuta Sato
⽴教⼤学卒業後、(株)オプトに新卒⼊社。WEBコンサルタントを経て、(株)電通に出向しマーケティング⽀援に従事。2012年に退社後、モギー株式会社を創業。デジタルチケット事業⽴ち上げ後、WEB制作プロデュース・開発を領域としたLDS,Inc.を創業。2016年 1⽉コインスペース株式会社代表取締役に就任。渋⾕を中⼼に5店舗展開。2018年4⽉に退任後、渋⾕未来デザインに参画。
Project Coodinator
Akane Hamana
横浜市出身。more treesにて事務局運営に携わったのち、フリーでメーカーの製品化に向けたコーディネートや販売戦略のコンサルティング、建築事務所の広報支援等を行う。出産による休業後、2016年6月よりリージョンワークスのディレクターに就任。FDSではコーディネーターとして各プロジェクトを支援する。